• Material Manager in Saudi Arabia


  • 10 year experience as Material Manager in Oil&Gas


  • Gather the information and material requisitions of all material to be received at site.
  • Inspect the condition of the warehouse and lay down area, especially checking for
    • Adequate access and pavement condition
    • Rain drainage system
    • Available area
    • Sufficient qualifies personnel for the works (warehouse manager, labor workers, computer application controller, security guards, etc…)
    • Machinery and tools for material handling
    • Storage material, such as shelves, pallets, supports, shades, covers, fences, climate controlled areas for special products…
    • Office material and equipment, such as computers, filing systems…
    • Check the area and location of materials at the warehouses
  • Establish a methodology for the material management
  • Identify the sources to be appointed for material unloading and handling operations.
  • Review delivery schedules to plan for incoming deliveries
  • Review construction schedule to plan for material issuing
  • Review maintenance schedule to insure schedule maintenance is current
  • Incoming material quantity and quality check
  • OS&D management
  • Local purchase control
  • Final inventory count
  • MTR control.


  • High knowledge in oil&Gas Materials.


Excellent English Language skills is a must.

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