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"Our worldwide success results from our globally diverse workforce, offering
a great variety of career paths that truly enhance the development possibilities of our employees."


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Through our Human Resources, which we consider is our company‘s main asset; we can achieve an adequate company development and growth.

Intecsa Industrial selects qualified and committed staff to achieve our objectives in the short, medium and long term, thus helping to obtain our desire to be a leading EPC contractor.

Our HR policies help to consolidate the maintenance of an organizational structure capable of ensuring our production, effectiveness and success. They help to identify and attract talent, team selection, and integration to the new team members, employee‘s development and remuneration. Our organization is structured and sized so that it can deal with all its national and international clients guaranteeing expected quality.

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Ma‘aden phosphate fertilizer project

LSTK fertilizer plant at Ras Az Zawr (KSA).

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