HSE – Health, Safety and Environment

HSE – Health, Safety and Environment 2022-04-05T08:51:56+00:00

Health Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment is on the basement of a successful and effective Health Protection from the very early stage of the project.

Our Commitment with Health and Welfare of every single person involved in our projects is clearly embodied through the Development of Specific Health Carefulness Programs.

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Achieve the highest level of performance/compliance according to Local Legislation and international standards; is the only way through the success.

Full dedication of highly qualified professionals, in all the project phases, along with performance continuous improvement, analyzing keyindicators (KPI) and taking all the necessary preventive measures.

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We consider our Planet the sustenance around us, not as a resources storage, nor a landfill. A suitable management of environmental impacts from human activity is the key to achieve the sustainability.

Aplication of the best available technics to minimize the environmental affections is one of our core principles.

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