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Procurement at Intecsa Industrial

Procurement services are performed by specialist in engineering works and specialist in material management. The team is organized on a commodity basis and is the focal point of acquisition expertise for each given commodity, providing acquisition support through all phases of the project execution. The team is divided into five major areas of expertise, which are: Procurement, Expediting, Inspection, Logistics and Invoicing.

Within the department we have the Coordinators and the Buyers. The Buyers are specialized engineers in Static Equipment, Dynamic Equipment, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation Equipment and Material.

Each project has a Coordinator who is the person responsible for all the activities related to Expediting, Inspection, Traffic and Logistics.

Procurement Services

The procurement process will greatly influence the success or failure of any project. Intecsa Industrial believes that the primary procurement issues that should be faced in the development of a project are:

  • Schedule, particularly the timely acquisition of the long lead equipment items,
  • Quality and the need for key equipment suppliers to support construction activities, and
  • Pricing and commercial considerations
Procurement, Expediting, Inspection, Logistics and Invoicing.

Long Lead Items (LLI) should be defined as early in the project cycle as possible to ensure that the project schedule requirements are properly complied with. During the development of the procurement proposal, Intecsa Industrial will assess the issues of the project and will develop a winning procurement strategy based on the following critical success factors:

  • Unique Sourcing Strategy.
  • Competitive advantage by using Intecsa Industrial Procurement Department, comprising of experienced engineers and material management specialists.
  • Investment in Proposal Programme.
  • Continuity from Proposal to Execution.
  • Multi Cultural Procurement Team.
  • Materials Management Planning.
Procurement Services