Recycling & Mining

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As a direct result of the significant contribution of Intecsa Industrial‘s historical shareholders, we have been selected for the execution of a sizeable list of Industrial developments in Spain, and overseas.

With our extensive and outstanding experiences in USW treatment and incineration, Wood, Pulp & Paper, Cement and Waste Treatment Plants, Intecsa Industrial is considered the most reliable engineering choice for our customers. 

Intecsa Industrial has built along the years a reputation as a provider of quality engineering and project services to the minerals, metals and chemicals industry by and achieving the successful delivery of complex processing plants.

Mining and Metallurgical Processing

Intecsa Industrial has experience in mining and metallurgical projects ranging from copper concentrators and copper smelters to bauxite processing facilities to obtain alumina to be subsequently fed the electrolytic cells for aluminum production. Material handling of a wide range of bulk products including all types of conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, ship loaders and unloaders is one of the expertises within Intecsa Industrial.

Cogeneration project in Madrid

Waste Treatment

Intecsa Industrial, as a well-known contractor with an important process expertise, is highly skilled in the execution of urban and industrial waste treatment projects, such as anaerobic digestion, waste incineration, gas recovery from disposal sites, compost production, among others.

Intecsa Industrial  is one of the very few Engineering and Construction entities in the world with outstanding expertise in the handling and treatment of the NORM wasters coming form Oil & Gas sector

Outstanding Recycling & Mining Projects