ACPDM REFINERY (U&O) 2016-11-18T09:34:40+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

  • Client: CEPSA
  • Location of Project: Huelva (Spain)
  • Name of Project: ACPDM Refinery (U&O)

Project Description

Complete utilities and offsites, all the interconnecting process piping and utilities and product storages for the new refinery “ACPDM” with a refining capacity of 90,000 BPSD.

  • Cooling tower (8,100 m3/h).
  • Flare (825 Tm/h).
  • Demineralised water plant (120 m3/h).
  • Air compressors (3,465 Nm3/h).
  • Electrical substations and pumps among other equipment.
  • Tanks and spheres.