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Intecsa Industrial provides a widespread range of refinery processes solutions acquired in our 50 years of global experience in grass root, revamp, expansion and petroleum refining projects. Through this experience we have successfully delivered a vast number of refining projects all over the world, ranging from conceptual technical and economic studies to commisioning and start up.

Intecsa Industrial has also completed an extensive range of LSTK-EPC projects, which included Engineering, Procurement and Construction services, in all of the Spanish Refineries and in other refineries across all the continents.

From a process technology point of view, Intecsa Industrial has large experience in, either open art technologies or with most important process licensors.

Intecsa Industrial has also considerable experienced in the design of refining ancillary units such as sour water, gas treating, sulphur recovery and utilities. To meet customer requirements in today‘s competitive world, we supply innovative, cost-effective, and safe solutions.

For more information, refer to Intecsa Industrial references in the following areas:

  • Process Units
  • Utilities & Offsites
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Process units

Intecsa Industrial has performed process engineering for a great number of process units throughout the world. Oursuccessful experience in the design and construction of refining process units allow us to deliver high-quality engineering services while meeting the most exigent schedules and safety standards.

Since 1965, Intecsa Industrial has provided a large variety of services (conceptual studies, revamping, LSTK-EPC, etc.) to the world-leading refining companies.

Nowadays, many of our customers entrust Intecsa Industrial their refining projects since they have cost-effective process units at the present time as a result of former projects which were accomplished by us. Besides, Intecsa Industrial is a reference company in designing units focused on meeting clean fuels regulation which establish maximum sulphur, oxygen and aromatic contents for fuels and also has a considerable number of specialized process software programs in order to provide a state of the art results with the most aggressive execution programs.

Utilities and Offsites

Through decades of experience on refining projects, Intecsa Industrial has accomplished numerous utilities and offsites projects and, as a result, it has a well-developed know-how on this type of projects.

In some occasions, utilities are part of our scope of work in refining projects. In other occasions, Intecsa Industrial has participated in projects where the scope of work was only limited to the utilities itself and its distribution to the other contractors in charge of the process units which required controlling, coordinating and managing all the interphases with these consumers or utility producers.

Also, Intecsa Industrial has designed and constructed numerous storage facilities (tanks, vessels, spheres, etc.). In many cases, these items of equipment are designed on OSBL projects (Outside Battery Limits projects). In these situations, Intecsa Industrial can provide not only the equipment but also the rest of necessary matters (interconnecting piping, rotating equipment, instrumentation, civil works, electrical installation, etc.) resulting on operationally-flexible and reliable designs.

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