Petrochemicals & Fine Chemicals

Petrochemicals & Fine Chemicals 2022-08-05T10:24:13+00:00

One of Intecsa Industrial’s main business segment is the petrochemical and the fine chemical sectors with more than 45 years of experience in the chemicals, petrochemicals and polymers industry. We have completed hundreds of projects, from basic design and small process unit revamps to large integrated grass roots complexes

We have provided the required confidence to our clients by working closely with a number of process licensors. Intecsa Industrial has experience in a broad range of product facilities; however we emphasize our considerable experience in olefins, aromatics, fertilizers, fibre intermediates (TA and PTA), polycarbonate and other polymers. Also, we have experience in fine chemicals, such as Isoprene, Styrene monomer, Isopropanol, Butadiene, Ethylene and Phenol/Cumene plants.

Intecsa Industrial has also significant expertise in different stages of the aromatics production, from feedstock preparation, through reaction units, up to aromatics separation, such as Phenol, Benzene extraction and Xylene isomerization, all executed with full and final customer satisfaction, demonstrating Intecsa Industrial high level of expertise.

Intecsa Industrial ability to evaluate and work with diverse technologies on an unbiased basis is one of our key strengths. We also have the appropriate technical resources to execute any contract from the early stages of development (as the basic package), to the start up of the plant.

Outstanding Petrochemicals & Fine Chemicals Projects