Construction Supervision

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Construction Supervision

The aim of the construction implementation in Intecsa Industrial is to achieve success in safety, quality, schedule and performance.

It is the policy of Intecsa Industrial to perform all required Construction Services in every project in full compliance with contractual commitments, applicable regulatory standards and recognized and sound engineering practices in a way that protects and preserves public health, safety, environment and welfare.

Intecsa Industrial in coordination with our construction affiliates, will implement an adequate mobilization plan to ensure the successful start-up of the construction activities and will establish all necessary procedures after contract award.

Intecsa Industrial will allocate dedicated work crews for each discipline in the Construction team. These crews are directed by foremen who will report directly to the discipline supervisors of Intecsa Industrial. By using the latest IT programs, Construction scheduling will determine the optimum size and composition of the crews. Our supervisors, with extensive and proven experience, are fully committed to assure the efficient utilization of the work force, tools and equipment under his responsibility.